Great Food Flamkist

 All up in our grill!

What is Flamekist?

Flamekist- flaym.kist (adj) 1)a method of grilling by using flames both on the top and the bottom of the meat to open the grain of the steak to allow the flavor to penetrate and then sear the edges to thus enhance the flavors and preserve the juices. 2)The art of perfect steaks. 3)The flavor you can only find at Western Sizzlin.

Our founder, Nick Pascarella developed the Flamekist process over 40 years ago! Nick thought that if searing the bottom of the steak made it juicy, then adding flames to the top would make them twice as good. He was right and the world famous FlameKist® steak was born! This unique process opens the grain of the steak and locks in the flavor as it is seared to a savory perfection.

Franchisees from all parts of the country will tell you that its the only way to make a tender, juicy steak. We know that tasting is believing, so what are you waiting for?

What is Flamekist? It’s unique. It’s delicious. It’s all that and a side of fries. It’s Western Sizzlin.